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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 17, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work together to restore fiscal responsibility, grow our economy and create jobs. [ male announcer ] tim kaine. bringing people together
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to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. inmates at a prison in pennsylvania are being allowed to go home for a few days because of a bedbug infestation. furlough so exterminators. inmates will be allowed to go home, stay with friends and family. those who don't have a place to stay will remain at the prison in a different area. controversy surrounding the zoo halloween decorations prompted the zoo to remove the display. life size ghostly figures with black faces are hung from tall trees. in person, the figures have more animation and appear to be floating, in photos posted on the facebook page, the figures hang from the branches leading some to be reminded of a lynching scene. >> i mean, not the first thought i got when i came in and saw them, but i can
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definitely understand that. it might make some people uncomfortable. >> faces are black so that at night, the lights inside the faces would be the only thing that you see. so it's actually designed to be a faceless image. >> officials have promised to remove the display. you know, these days when somebody's dog turns up missing, it can also be located quickly with the help of a microchip. recently, a dog found in maryland didn't have one of those chips, but as beth parker shows us, it had something else, a whole lot of people on its side. >> yeah, this is a lot better than living on the street. >> no more life on the streets for olivia, she's been on the move and people have been looking for her since 2010. >> she was in west virginia with a bunch of other dogs and older couple. the husband found it difficult to care for that many animals and they weren't getting the care they deserved. >> she ended up at a foster home in d.c. and just days later during a walk, her harness broke and she
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disappeared. a virginia nonprofit called a for ever home, refused to give up on her. there's a whole team of people that kept her blog updated, they handed out business cards. >> they could not find olivia. >> my first thought in the morning was of her and my last thought at night was of her. is she warm? is she safe? was she hit by a car? >> started getting worry. >> two years went by and that brings us to last thursday when a woman in upper marlboro, maryland, 23 miles from where olivia disappeared called animal control. >> she made a call to the shelter and said i have something that looks like a tiger in my backyard and i'm not going out there. >> they posted this picture on pet harbor and a volunteer spotted it. >> i was shocked, i was happy, and i started yelling a little bit at work. people are used to it. olivia was found. >> very good. >> she seems to be doing great. she's a little thin, but she's
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eating well, feeling well. >> it goes to show you that you can never give up hope because she is back. >> now olivia will need medication and she'll need to gain some weight. but she is likely to be available for adoption in december. they say they hope that maybe she could go to a home where there's already another dog. she has a lot of playing left to do. beth parker, fox 5 news. olivia looked like a tiger, but it was a big one, huh? >> that's massive, that's a very big dog. i hope she gets a wonderful home. >> a little rain in the forecast, good timing. >> i'm glad you brought that up. tomorrow isn't going to be wet during the daylight hours. after sunset until 1:00, 2:00 in the morning, we'll have showers rolling through. hey, straight from st. louis, too. >> our work hours, too, right? very conveniently timed, no doubt about it. i think you should expect tomorrow to be a decent day and actually, a warm day as well.
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so, excited about that part. let me show you radar and we'll start out in the midwest and that's where these storms really delayed the game as you were watching, and imsure you were. 3 1/2 hours, i was checking some of the rain totals and they were closing in. really heavy there at the stadium. great drainage systems, very impressive. now let me show you that this line really intense. it goes from chicago all the way down to houston, texas, and we have some really strong storms here around memphis. so, we're going to keep an eye on that line now. luckily for us, with the timing coming after the sun goes down, perhaps they won't be too strong. i have to tell you that the storm prediction center has outlooked the mid atlantic for the possibility that some of these could be strong, even if they are coming after the sun comes down and that's because they may have strong and gusty winds with them. we'll watch that potential for you and that slight risk goes from new york state all the way down to south carolina. for tomorrow with those storms coming. we thought we would jump to the future cast and give you an
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idea of when you can expect those to roll into town. most of the day pretty decent. when we get to 5:00 or 6:00, you notice that future cast is showing a few showers here and there. mainly west of d.c. we begin to see the beginnings of those thunderstorms, mostly up through pennsylvania. let's take this out to 10:00, 11:00, and this is what we expect to see on future cast tomorrow night. maybe some showers and thunderstorms just to the west of d.c. and a few more showers around. we'll watch these and make sure they don't have those damaging winds inside them, but definitely check us out tomorrow. it looks like friday morning, we may have the clouds, showers possibly lingering on the eastern shore and let's try to keep the possibility of a shower in the forecast for the early part of friday, but as we get into the afternoon, it should brighten up and good news is, temperatures are going to be mild for the next couple of days. our temperature tomorrow, probably around 72 degrees. average is 68. by friday, about 71. cooler air tries to get in here
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on saturday at 67 and 68 degrees. a nice stretch of days coming and we can use some of that rain, hopefully it won't come with a lot of damage. today we were almost to 70 degrees. 69 degrees officially at reagan national. dulles 67. bwi, 66 degrees. not too cold out there tonight either. we're going to have increasing clouds. some sun will get through the clouds tomorrow, that's for sure. with the cloud cover not quite as chilly as it was last night, we're at 58 degrees right now. 46 for frederick. 57 for dulles and a few other spots to our north and west are in the 40s. for the city, 51 degrees, mostly 40s in the suburbs with that south, southeast wind keeping us warmer and tomorrow, 72 degrees, again, most of the daylight hours are going to be dry, definitely a dry morning commute. 6:00 tomorrow night, maybe we are starting to catch a couple showers here and there. we'll hold them off until late day. most of them will be after dark tomorrow night. so, that is what our headline is. here's your planner for tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning, 52 degrees with sunshine. sun and some clouds around at
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noon at 67. and still about 5:00, 71 degrees, maybe a couple showers out there, but not widespread. so a nice looking thursday with some helpful rain tomorrow night. we hope, and without the gusty winds. here's your fox 5accuweather forecast. maybe a shower in the early morning and well east of d.c. so far, so good. it looks like our temperatures will be in the upper 60s and next week, warm again. here we go. we need to keep this going into halloween for the kids. >> i'm with you. thanks, sue. did you see it? australian prime minister taking a tumble over in india. let's roll it. here she goes. she is on a three-day visit to new deli. tripped and fell. not the first time she lost a shoe. earlier this year, a similar incident happened when she was being wise ked away from protesters at an australia ion. >> for a man who get to wear
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flat shoes all day every day, if you wear a heel, it can get embedded in soft grass and when you pull your foot out, the race is as you saw. >> simply laughed off the incident and as you just heard, she tells reporters, perhaps, men have to appreciate the la gistics of wearing heels on grass. remember this? michael jordan, or mcjordan barbecue sauce. the special sauce endorsed by michael jordan, at least this jug, sold for $10,000. the promotional item was sold for a limited time. the man who used to own the mcdonald's put it up for sale. it is not michael jordan. >> don't eat it. is a high school student being punished for reading? wait until you hear why she's not allowed to go to homecoming. >> and next at 11:00, metro misses a major deadline in expanding wire lesser vis.
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what it means for you.  as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work together to restore fiscal responsibility, grow our economy and create jobs. [ male announcer ] tim kaine. bringing people together to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.
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punished for reading, the high school freshman can't go to homecoming and you're never going to guess the school's reasoning. matt grant reports tonight. >> this is my dress i got for homecoming. >> domonique couldn't wait for homecoming. >> probably getting dressed up really pretty and taking pretty pictures. definitely, yes. >> this was a big deal. >> yeah. >> she says she spent hours shopping with her mom, trying to find the right dress. >> we went to 10 or 12 stores. >> trying to find the perfect dress? >> yeah. >> a dress she never got to wear. that's because when she tried to buy a ticket to the dance, she was told she couldn't go because of an overdue library book. >> i thought she was lying. >> domonique is in the accelerated reading program and checked out a murder mystery.
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she offered to bring the book back that day, but the school wouldn't budge. >> she's not being punished because she got into a fight or anything like that. she's being funnished because she has an overdue library book for reading? it'sridiculous. >> domonique's mom went to the high school to complain, but the principal was unwilling to work with her. >> she did not care one bit. >> she asked me what grade. i said freshman, she said there's always next year. >> domonique was never told when the book was told back and the jacket has no stamp return date. in a statement the school district tells us, the district cannot comment on anything involving students, because that information is private and confidential. they go on to say any assertion that a student would be punished for wanting to read is false and totally inappropriate. the school summer newsletter did tell parents that students must have a zero balance for all fees and fines to participate in special extracurricular activities.
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her punishment was too harsh. >> they are pathetic and they need to worry about more serious things. >> fox's matt grant reporting. the news keeps coming. brian bolter standing by with your news edge. >> it is a story that may give parents chills. four toddlers wander away from a bethesda daycare center and could have turned tragic. the teachers who are supposed to watch the children have been fired. state childcare regulators are investigating. it starts with karen gray houston. >> it was about 4:45 monday afternoon. parents were picking up their children at the bethesda daycare center when wendy ryan arrived, she was shocked beyond belief. >> got out of my car, turned around and literally saw my son and three other little kids across the street and you know, coming up the block with a perfect stranger. >> ryan was with her seven- year-old son, nathan, when she
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saw two-year-old sammy with a man walking his dog. >> i heard this man yelling outside. lynbrook, lynbrook, you lost your kids. >> she wonders, how did they get away from a fenced in playground area? how long were they gone? >> managed to walk all the way up the block, hang a left across the parking lot, down the street. >> they might have been run over by a car or they might have been lost. >> yanked little sammy out of the daycare. other parents weren't so quick to act. >> it's a very good facility. the teachers are very loving. >> even though most of the parents we talked to said they were comfortable leaving their children at the daycare center, some parents said they were frightened by just how far those toddlers had wandered away. >> because there are busy streets around here and it was worse than i thought it was. i didn't realize they crossed a
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street. >> the daycare center as part of a chain run by the montgomery child care association, which released a statement. we understand the trust parents have placed in our care givers and are taking this failure to follow established procedures seriously. we regret this incident occurred and have taken immediate and decisive action. the statement says the teachers involved were fired, parents have been notified, and the incident was reported to the appropriate oversight agencies. in bethesda, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> another big story we are following tonight, the fbi arrested a man and tried to set off a car bomb in new york. the suspect allegedly thought he was going to blast a 1,000 pound bomb with a cell phone. will. >> federal agents say the man wanted to create terror and blocks away from where the twin towers once stood. what he didn't know, the guys he thought were trying to help him carry out the attack were agents watching his every move.
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>> police in new york arresting a man who plotted to blow up the federal reserve building in manhattan. 21-year-old was caught in a sting operation wednesday morning. he tried to detonate a van filled with what he believed were a thousand pounds of explosives outside the building not far from the world trade center site. his associates at the scene were actually under cover officers and the bomb wasn't real. >> he goes to the new york stock exchange, he sees the significant security and shifts his target to the federal reserve. >> nafis has connections to al- qaeda and came to the u.s. in january to carry out the attack. this is the apartment building where he lived in queens, new york. >> he gets a student visa under the pretext of being a student and a college in missouri. he comes here with again, the purpose of committing some sort of jihad.
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>> man was trying to recruit people, but one was a secret fbi source. authorities also say before the terror plot, nafis asked an under cover agent to video tape him, saying quote, we will not stop until we attain victory or martyrdom. >> nafis did not enter a plea during a preif court appearance wednesday afternoon. >> prosecutors say nafis was monitored closely by the fbi and members of the joint terrorism task force. the public was never in danger. brian. >> president obama and mitt romney both went back to the campaign trail after last night's debate. mitt romney came to northern virginia and brought a warmup act. introduced romney to the crowd, but when romney came to the stage, he got serious and tried to appeal to the region's military time. >> unlike cutting the military, as this president would do by a trillion dollars, i would maintain our military
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strength because america's military must be second to none and so strong no one would ever test us. >> there are three weeks left in the campaign, romney plans to spend several days in virginia. president obama headed to two swing states today, iowa and ohio. he pushed ahead with his message, sticking with his campaign since it began. >> governor romney has been running around, talking about his five point plan for the economy for quite some time. as i pointed out last night, it's really a one point plan. it is really a one point plan. it says folks at the very top can play by their own set of rules. >> one more presidential debates next monday in florida. we'll be using some of your tweets for a new show debuting, fox 5 news edge you decide 2012 will focus on local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign. starts monday right here on fox 5. monitoring metro tonight with the word from the transit
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agency's top official that riders will have to wait another three years before getting reliable service. there's fox 5's bob barnard. >> this week was the original deadline, a deal between metro and congress to get cell service up and running throughout the entire underground rail system. >> doors opening. >> but that deadline has come and gone, pushed back to next march. meaning it you are in a tunnel on a moving metro train, you might as well sleep, read, or pull out your art book. >> right now, as you can see, i have no bars. >> that's right, antwan cannot make a phone call. >> kind of like irritating if you have to make an important call. or if you are in that important call and hangs up on you, it's irritating. >> metro is working with verison, at&t, sprint, and t- mobile to build a wireless network throughout the system.
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>> he spent ten minutes down in the tunnel. you could miss something very important. it's very frustrating. >> just imagine if there was a true emergency. that is why congress is funding a ten year, $1.5 billion program to rebuild and repair the washington metro system. but in a letter to congressional oversight committees, metro general manager writes, there is still significant work to be done to ensure wireless access throughout the entire system and that it will require a level of coordination and planning rarely seen in the transit industry. progress because of our highest priority of making urgent safety upgrades. many of those recommended by the ntsb after the deadliest crash in metro's history on the red line in june, 2009. sarls cons we do not anticipate full coverage until december
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2015. >> i don't think that it should have to take three years, all of the technology going on, with the internet, everything. they can expedite the process. i don't think they need to take three years. it's not a priority. >> so the bottom line for metro riders is indeed a call for patience and the realization that consistent, uninterrupted cell phone service is still three years away. at gallery place, chinatown, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> bringing metro to dulles, one step closer to becoming a reality. five teams have been selected to be on the project. that contract which will be awarded in 2013 is estimated to cost $1.6 million. construction is expected to be completed by mid 2018. phase one of the project, more than 80% complete and projected to open by the end of next year. a pepco lineman saves a child's life. he tells us how his instincts
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kicked in next. >> we have another real mild day coming tomorrow. we'll be up and over the 70- degree mark, but we will have some showers showing up on radar. i'll let you know when to expect them and talking about the weekend, too, brian. >> and check out the rundown, we're back. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. when the redskins get ready for a game, every day counts. 
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pepco lineman just 19 years old getting credit after spotting a house fire today. ryan callahan rushed into the burning structure several times and put out the fire, and then things got heated after they learned a child was sleeping upstairs. audrey barnes has the story. >> a pepco crew upgrading electricity to a home under construction in upper marlboro spotted a fast moving fire inside. ryan callahan rushed in to help. >> as we walk back out, the flame started back up and started burning the whole cabinet again. i walked back in and put my hood over my head. >> homeowner who was walking her seven and nine-year-old children to the bus stop ran back and let the crew know her
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three-year-old was sleeping upstairs. she sprinted into the home with callahan right behind her. >> she went out to the top story, her and her son were fine. >> the stubborn fire fueled by propane refused to be extinguished until callahan and the crew stepped in to turn everything off. the homeowner is thankful the crew was there and her family wasn't hurt. >> heros and god sent them at the right time. i don't know what would have happened if they didn't come, because i was by myself and the kids. >> the hero says the child's mother, is a hero, too. >> i think the mother is a hero, running in the house, not knowing what was going on. she got her son. >> audrey barnes, fox 5 news. a new report shows more people across the country are falling victim to a certain type of crime. it may cost you more to open a bottle of wine this winter. will thomas


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